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Features and About Us

The Pagoda PBF812-A/SC Pole Mount Bird Feeder
Seed Saver Plate
Seed Saver Plate
Adjusts on threaded posts
  • Easy to adjust, Seed Saver Plate. (seed saver plate, comes standard on all models)

  • Allows large birds to feed (One Bird, One Seed at a Time)
    per corner, if doweling brackets and wood doweling installed.

  • All models come equipped with the built in, easily adjustable, seed save plate.


  • Model shown, has optional doweling installed.
Squirrels Have it tough, with the Squirrel Baffle
Metal Squirrel Baffle

Shipping Package / Unpackaged
PBF812-A/SC shipping package/unpackaged

  • Metal Squirrel BaffleMetal Squirrel Baffle, Installation Mounting.

  • Squirrels climb, feeder poles, but their claws can not penetrate the metal squirrel baffle.

  • Metal Squirrel Baffle, comes on all pole mount models.

  • The PBF812 has a large 10 lb. seed capacity.

  • The PBF812-A/SC Ships small 23.5" x 16" x 10.5".

  • It comes with an easy to mount, pole mount bracket and easy to install Squirrel Baffle.

Built to Look Good
Easy to Clean
Look Good
Easy to Clean
Snow Load, No Load
Built to Last Many years of service.

Feeder Pole Set
Easy to Install, Pole Mount
Use a wood block. Drive pole into earth
Swedge Ends, Easy to remove feeder, to fill or clean.
Removes easily
The Pagoda PBF 8'-0" Pole Set
A set of two, 4'-0"Easy To fill CLean Pipe. 1.25" O.D.**
Hammer lower pole
(swedged end up)
2'-0" feet into ground.
Raise upper Pole
(Bird Feeder Attached)
Approx. 2" and lower to ground level,
comfortable filling height.
(**O.D.= Outside Diameter)
Pagoda Feeder Pole Set

PBF88-A selection
The Pagoda PBF88-A Hanging Bird Feeder

  • This long lasting feeder is available in a range of prepainted aluminum and/or solid copper.

  • This large, yet stylish top provides ample protection for seed in all kinds of weather. Access for reloading seed is provided through a large opening covered by a slide lid. The slide lid covers an opening 5" x 2.5" for filling. Easy to fill, easy to clean.

  • The pre-painted steel feed tray is durable, drainage holes in base of tray help keep seed dry. Co-polyester clear bin windows, suitable for -40 degree temperatures, result in a wide open concept for full bird viewing.

  • With the adjustable seed saver plate, our four legged furry friends struggle for a small meal, while our feathered friends enjoy their privacy.

Built Tough

  • Featuring a four point hanger system. The feeder greatly reduces seed spillage, during high winds.

Slide Lid Covers

  • 5" x 2.5" slide lid covers, come on all models. One lid per hopper.
Easy to clean

  • Every model is easy to install, easy to remove, easy to fill and easy to clean.

  • Often referred to as, "The Forever, Bird Feeder." By Customers.

  • An excellent gift, Christmas! Father's Day! Mother's Day! Birthday!

About the Pagoda Feeder

Build it right and they will come.

Most of us accept the fact that some manufacturers of consumer products build in planned obsolescence or limited time of use. Adam Sontag, however, believes such a concept shouldn't apply to everything we purchase - and his product reflects that belief.
Adam introduced his new pagoda-styled bird feeder at The Muskoka Home Show, in 1995.
The research that went into the new bird feeder was mainly through personal observation and comments from owners of bird feeders. With other feeders, there were inherent problems. Larger birds such as grackles and starlings would throw the seed out of the feeder and onto the ground, where seeds would be consumed by squirrels or remain and grow into unwanted plants. This waste also caused the feeder owner to spend extra money for seeds.
So, Adam created the solution - a built-in seed saver tray. Large birds must flap their wings forAdam at home yard, show room. balance while trying  to take a seed but smaller birds have complete access to a filling meal. In addition to this unique feature, he has added a squirrel baffle.
The result of these two feeder improvements, as Adam puts it is, "little birds in larger numbers with virtually no seed waste."
The Pagoda Bird Feeder provides excellent viewing and attracts many species of birds.
Adam Says, even though he makes products that are built to last, this does not preclude the return of satisfied customers who find the feeders to be the perfect gifts for Christmas, Mother's Day, birthdays or for avid bird lovers any time!
Pagoda Bird Feeders are truly a bird watchers delight. They're available in solid copper or aluminum, in a wide range of prepainted colors to coordinate with the decor of your home.

Most Popular, Aluminum Colours, Available:

  • Forest Green

  • Classic Copper

  • Red

  • Brown

  • Black

  • Blue

More colours available, contact for details.

Shipping to all destinations, within Canada.

"Sontag Pagoda Bird Feeder."
915 Muskoka Beach Road
Gravenhurst, Ontario P1P 1A5

To Order a Birdfeeder email

The Pagoda by Sontag, Bird Feeder is Crafted
in Beautiful Gravenhurst, Muskoka, Ontario
Home of "The Muskoka Wharf"